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Mask are necessary, yet they don't always have mercy on your faces. Many have developed acne associated with wearing face mask on a regular basis. This set includes an Avocado & Neem oil cleanser which balances your skins acid mantle, pH levels and oil production. Brown Sugar and Probiotic Facial cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser for combination/acne skin. A Detox mask treatment draws out any impurities, fights bacteria, and treats hyperpigmentation. Herbal Toner is a gentle astringent that removes excessive oil and dirt clogging our pores. Tamunu and Vitamin C Oil serum is a great, healing serum for nightly use to soothe irritated skin, addresses wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and under eye circles/puffiness. Rice Bran and Rosehips ultra-light facial Hydrator keeps our skin supple and hydrated by sealing in fresh moisture that nourishes healthy skin cells.

Mask-ne Facial Set

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