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 Beannie's Body Therapy began in Charlotte NC when it's founder, Juliette Chambers became a licensed massage therapist in 2006. A former nursing student, she changed her major in the pursuit of one with a more holistic approach to healthcare. She was also a licensed pharmacy technician for many years and became eager for a change.


  At the beginning of her career as a massage therapist, Juliette worked at a high-end salon and spa that was owned by the Carolina Panthers pro football player Mike Minter and the world renowned performer and songtress Fantasia. Expediently moving on to become an independent contractor for herself as well as a spa coordinator for Charlotte salon and spa Verve' Salon and Spa.


   During this time Juliette was experimenting with making simple scrubs for her hands and feet. One piece of advice that has stuck with her from an instructor, was that in being a bodywork therapist to keep your hands soft because no one can relax during a session with hands that feel like brillo pads! Relishing how soft that exfoliating made her hands, she pondered the affects on her entire body because this practice was rather different for her at the time, and she was smitten. Juliette started to tell the women in her family and her co-workers about what she had formulated and what it was doing for her skin.


   Honey Brown Sugar was the first body scrub to be made by Beannie's in 2007. Followed by the healing Lavender Sea Salt, the aromatic Mint Eucalyptus and cell therapy Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. Everyone who tried them was guaranteed to find a favorite. And what was loved most is that were and still are completely chemical free, and natural enough to eat! Customers were seeing major differences in their skins healthy appearance. It was for this reason that Juliette started to receive request for other products. Body butters and hair moisturizer were the most to be demanded at first. Juliette soon realized that she had found two things that truly excited her passion in life, massage therapy and making skincare products! Beannie's Body Therapy and Products was in full operation!


   Juliette found that not only was her skin smoother, she was healing the eczema and psoriasis issues that she had since she was 4 years old. It was truly amazing and something that she was extremely grateful for. This had a direct correlation to her naming the company "Beannie's", as that was her childhood nickname. And over the years, Beannie's has been magical additions to swag bags in events, birthday celebrations, hair shows, spa parties, charity fundraisers, vending events, festivals, etc. Featured in North Carolinas HUAMI magazine, pronounced "Who Am I", for her holistic massage therapy practices and organic skincare line. Online blog publication QCityMetro, featured Beannie's in an interview called "Brown Sugar Baby!". And Voyage Houston Magazine in 2023. Beannie's has went from 4 body scrubs to 31 specialty products that focus on gentle care for those with sensitive and problematic skin that delivers magnificent results!

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